Pompeii Regio VIII (8) Insula 1.

Plan to access entrances 1 to 7 and a.

Pompeii VIII.1.7    Click Here

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 1 of Pompeii Regio VIII to access the photographs. 

Click on the entrance you want on the plan or click on a link below to reach the pictures.


Pompeii VIII.1.1              Pompeii VIII.1.2              Pompeii VIII.1.3              Pompeii VIII.1.4

Pompeii VIII.1.5              Pompeii VIII.1.6              Pompeii VIII.1.7              Pompeii VIII.1.a


Basilica                                      VIII.1.1

Former Antiquarium

   and Lararia dei Pompeianisti      VIII.1.4

Temple of Venus                         VIII.1.3

Villa Imperiale                            VIII.1.a