Pompeii Regio I (1) Insula 3.

Plan of entrances 1 to 31.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 3 of Pompeii Regio I to access the photographs. 

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Pompeii I.3.1              Pompeii I.3.2              Pompeii I.3.3              Pompeii I.3.4

Pompeii I.3.5              Pompeii I.3.6              Pompeii I.3.7              Pompeii I.3.8

Pompeii I.3.9              Pompeii I.3.10            Pompeii I.3.11            Pompeii I.3.12

Pompeii I.3.13            Pompeii I.3.14            Pompeii I.3.15            Pompeii I.3.16

Pompeii I.3.17            Pompeii I.3.18            Pompeii I.3.19            Pompeii I.3.20

Pompeii I.3.21            Pompeii I.3.22            Pompeii I.3.23            Pompeii I.3.24

Pompeii I.3.25            Pompeii I.3.26            Pompeii I.3.27            Pompeii I.3.28

Pompeii I.3.29            Pompeii I.3.30            Pompeii I.3.31


Domus of Epidius Fortunatus      I.3.3      I.3.31

Two houses entered via a common angiportus. I.3.8a Unnamed house. I.3.8b House of Vulcanus       I.3.8

Shop and workshop of Sextilius Verus      I.3.13      I.3.14

Fullonica of Sestius Venustus      I.3.15      I.3.16      I.3.18

Casa di Anicetus or House of Anicetus or House of the Gladiator Actius Anicetus or Casa della pittura dell’Anfiteatro      I.3.23

Domus of Capella      I.3.24

Casa dei Guerrieri or the House of the Bronzehandlers      I.3.25

Unnamed Pistrinum      I.3.27

House of Innulus      I.3.29