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Habitus (Domus Cnaeius Poppaeis) VI.16.7

Habonius Primus (Casa di Lucius) I.11.5

Hadonina? (Tomb of L.)    Tomb Noc 12EN

Hall of the Archives   VIII.2.8

Hall of the Elections   VIII.3.1

Hall of the Magistrates   VIII.2.10

Hall of the Registry   VIII.2.8

Halo Filio P(ater)  Tomb Noc 1ES?   Tomb Noc 3ES?

Hanging Balcony (House of the) VII.12.28

Hebrew (House of the)    I.11.14

Hedones (Taberna) VII.2.44

Hedymaeleni Pontiae   Tower I

Helle Puella (Tomb of)  Tomb Noc 19aOS

Helpis (Tomb of)  Tomb Noc 9ES

Helpis (Cornelia) Fondazz T13

Helpis Afra (Lupanar of Demetrius and) I.2.18

Helvia wife of Lucius Ceius Serapio (Tomb of)  Tomb Noc 3OS

Helvio Severo (Casa di Lucio)   I.13.2

Heraes (Tomb of Cornelia) PM3

Hercules (House of the Garden of) II.8.6

Hercules and Minerva (Temple of)   VIII.7.31

Herenuleius Communis (Domus A.) VI.7.23

Hermes (Caupona of) II.1.1

Hermes (Hospitium of) I.1.8

Hermes (Shop with dwelling of Pascius) (III.5.1

Herennius Castus (House of N) V.2.f

Herennius Florus (Villa di Lucius) L. Herennius Florus

Herennuleius Communis (Domus A. or L.)   VI.7.23

Herius Florus (Villa di Lucius) L. Herius Florus

Hero and Leander (House of)   VIII.5.5

Herrenius Epidianus (Tomb of with a circular marble disc of Marcus)  Tomb Noc 11ES

Herzogs von Sachsen (Haus des)   VII.14.9

Hilara (Tomb of Aebia)  Tomb Noc 22EN

Hirtia Psacas (Taberna of C Hostilius Conops and) I.2.7 

Holconius Rufus (Arch of Marcus)   Arch of Marcus Holconius Rufus

Holconius Rufus (House of) VIII.4.4

Holitorium (Forum)   VII.7.29

Homer (House of)   VI.8.3/5

Horrea VII.7.29

Hospitium Christianorum VII.11.11/14

Hospitium dei Pulcinella I.8.10 

Hospitium of C. Hyginius Firmus IX.8.b

Hospitium of Vicolo dei Eumachia VII.12.5

Hostilius Conops and Hirtia Psacas (Taberna of C) I.2.7 

Hunt (House of the Ancient) VII.4.48

Hunt scene (Tomb with)    Tomb Noc 2EN

Hygieia (Temple of Aesculapius and)   VIII.7.25

Hyginius Firmus (Hospitium of C.) IX.8.b

Hymenaeus (House of M. Epidius) III.4.2

Hypsaeus (Fullonica of L Veranius) VI.8.20



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