Tombs outside Pompeii walls and in the suburbs


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Plan of tombs located outside the Pompeii city walls, after Stefani 1998, updated for later finds.

See Pompei Oltre la vita, SAP Exhibition, 1998, p. 90.

Each tomb area has a specific page on our site with information and photographs.

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Note: The research by Alison Emmerson, 2010, suggests slightly differing locations for some tombs around Porta Stabia. See Necropoli di Porta Stabia page.

Unfortunately we do not have pictures for locations B and F at present.


1= Necropoli di Porta Ercolano                      

- Herculaneum Gate Tombs on the Via dei Sepolcri


2= Necropoli di Porta Stabia                       

- Stabian Gate Tombs


2= Necropoli vicino Porta Marina scavate 1754-7 

- Porta Marina Tombs excavated by Weber 1754-1757


3= Necropoli di Porta Vesuvio                       

- Vesuvian Gate Tombs


4= Necropoli di Porta Nola                           

- Nola Gate Tombs


5= Necropoli di Porta Nocera                        

- Nocera Gate Tombs on the Via delle Tombe


6= Necropoli di Fondo Pacifico                      

- Fondo Pacifico Tombs


7= Cremations between Porta di Sarno and Porta di Nola                                             

- Cremations and inscriptions on walls between Sarno Gate and Nola Gate


8= Necropoli di Porta di Sarno                       

- Sarno Gate Tombs


A= Tombe del Fondo Santilli                          

- Fondo Santilli Necropolis (200m from Porta Stabia)


B= Tombe presso la Strada Regia

- Tombs near Strada Regia.

- In the Fondo Santilli, more towards the city, immediately south of the road, at the meeting point of the old and the new road.


C= Tombe del Fondo Squillante                      

- Tomb at Fondo Squillante


D= Necropoli del Fondo Azzolini                    

- Fondo Azzolini Necropolis (500m from Porta Stabia towards Porta Nocera)


E= Tombe del Fondo Prelatura                       

- Tomb at Fondo Prelatura


F=  Tomba e villa in località Cimitero

- Tomb and villa in location of the Pompeii cemetery


G= Monumento Funerario del Fondo Prisco     

- Tomb at Fondo Prisco


H= Tomba degli Ancarsuleni, Tomba nei pressi cabina ENEL,                  

- Tomb of Publius Ancarsulenus Philadelphus and Ancarsulena Eleutheris


See Stefani, G., 1998. Pompei oltre la vita: Nuove testimonianze dalle necropoli, p. 90ff.


K133= Scafati. Elongated burial area with a grave structure and adjoining dirt road

Scafati excavated at a level crossing of the Circumvesuviana now replaced by an overpass.

Not on plan

See Kockel V. Funde und Forschungen in den Vesuvstadten 1: Archäologischer Anzeiger, Heft 3. 1985, abb. 23 Nr 133,  p. 543-4.




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