Pompeii Regio IX (9) Insula 7.

Plan of entrances 1 to 26.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 7 of Pompeii Regio IX to access the photographs. 

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Pompeii IX.7.1              Pompeii IX.7.2              Pompeii IX.7.3              Pompeii IX.7.4

Pompeii IX.7.5              Pompeii IX.7.6              Pompeii IX.7.7              Pompeii IX.7.8

Pompeii IX.7.9              Pompeii IX.7.10            Pompeii IX.7.11            Pompeii IX.7.12

Pompeii IX.7.13            Pompeii IX.7.14            Pompeii IX.7.15            Pompeii IX.7.16

Pompeii IX.7.17            Pompeii IX.7.18            Pompeii IX.7.19            Pompeii IX.7.20

Pompeii IX.7.21            Pompeii IX.7.22            Pompeii IX.7.23            Pompeii IX.7.24

Pompeii IX.7.25            Pompeii IX.7.26


Taberna della Quattro Divinita or House of Venus and the Four Gods (Apollo, Jupiter, Mercury and Diana)      IX.7.1

House of the Sittii Pompeiani or House of P. Sittius Coniunctus      IX.7.3

Workshop of Verecundus      IX.7.5

House of Verecundus      IX.7.6

House of Popidius Montanus      IX.7.9

House of A. Virnius Modestus or Casa del Cavallo Troiano      IX.7.16

Casa dello Specchio      IX.7.19

Casa degli Archi or House of the Arches or House of Caprasius Felix and Fortunata or Casa della Fortuna      IX.7.20

Caupona of Tertius      IX.7.21      IX.7.22

Caupona of T Claudius Epaphroditus      IX.7.23

Thermopolium, Popina, Hospitium, Lupanar of MM. Fabii Memor and Celer      IX.7.25      IX.7.24      IX.7.26