Pompeii Regio VII (7) Insula 9. Plan of entrances 1 to 68.

Pompeii Regio VII (7) Insula 9.

Plan of entrances 1 to 68.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 9 of Pompeii Regio VII to access the photographs. 

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VII.9.1    VII.9.2     VII.9.3    VII.9.4      

VII.9.5    VII.9.6     VII.9.7    VII.9.8             

VII.9.9    VII.9.10   VII.9.11   VII.9.12           

VII.9.13  VII.9.14   VII.9.15   VII.9.16           

VII.9.17  VII.9.18   VII.9.19   VII.9.20

VII.9.21  VII.9.22   VII.9.23   VII.9.24    

VII.9.25  VII.9.26   VII.9.27   VII.9.28    

VII.9.29  VII.9.30   VII.9.31   VII.9.32    

VII.9.33  VII.9.34   VII.9.35   VII.9.36    

VII.9.37  VII.9.38   VII.9.39   VII.9.40

VII.9.41  VII.9.42   VII.9.43   VII.9.44    

VII.9.45  VII.9.46   VII.9.47   VII.9.48    

VII.9.49  VII.9.50   VII.9.51   VII.9.52    

VII.9.53  VII.9.54   VII.9.55   VII.9.56    

VII.9.57  VII.9.58   VII.9.59   VII.9.60

VII.9.61  VII.9.62  VII.9.63    VII.9.64    

VII.9.65  VII.9.66   VII.9.67   VII.9.68


VII.9.1 Eumachia Building 

VII.9.67 Eumachia Building, stairs and ramp at rear

VII.9.3 Santuario dei Lari Pubblici

VII.9.7-8 Macellum

VII.9.2 Temple of Vespasian

or Temple of the Genius of Augustus

or Temple of Mercury

VII.9.47 Casa di Marte e Venere

or House of Mars and Venus

or Casa delle Nozze di Ercole

VII.9.30 Thermopolium of Donatus and Verpus

VII.9.33 Casa del Re di Prussia

or House of the King of Prussia