Pompeii Regio VII (7) Insula 2.

Plan of entrances 1 to 53.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 2 of Pompeii Regio VII to access the photographs. 

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Pompeii VII.2.1              Pompeii VII.2.2              Pompeii VII.2.3              Pompeii VII.2.4

Pompeii VII.2.5              Pompeii VII.2.6              Pompeii VII.2.7              Pompeii VII.2.8

Pompeii VII.2.9              Pompeii VII.2.10            Pompeii VII.2.11            Pompeii VII.2.12

Pompeii VII.2.13            Pompeii VII.2.14            Pompeii VII.2.15            Pompeii VII.2.16

Pompeii VII.2.17            Pompeii VII.2.18            Pompeii VII.2.19            Pompeii VII.2.20

Pompeii VII.2.21            Pompeii VII.2.22            Pompeii VII.2.23            Pompeii VII.2.24

Pompeii VII.2.25            Pompeii VII.2.26            Pompeii VII.2.27            Pompeii VII.2.28

Pompeii VII.2.29            Pompeii VII.2.30            Pompeii VII.2.31            Pompeii VII.2.32

Pompeii VII.2.33            Pompeii VII.2.34            Pompeii VII.2.35            Pompeii VII.2.36

Pompeii VII.2.37            Pompeii VII.2.38            Pompeii VII.2.39            Pompeii VII.2.40

Pompeii VII.2.41            Pompeii VII.2.42            Pompeii VII.2.43            Pompeii VII.2.44

Pompeii VII.2.45            Pompeii VII.2.46            Pompeii VII.2.47            Pompeii VII.2.48

Pompeii VII.2.49            Pompeii VII.2.50            Pompeii VII.2.51            Pompeii VII.2.52

Pompeii VII.2.53


House of T. Terentius Proculus. House with bakery VII.2.3

House of T. Terentius Neo                                   VII.2.6

Officina tintoria di Ubonius                                  VII.2.11

House of Optatio                                                VII.2.14

Popina and caupona of Optatio                            VII.2.15

House of Gavius Rufus

   or Casa di Teseo

   or House of the Seven Skeletons                     VII.2.16

Domus C. Vibi or House of C. Vibius                    VII.2.18

Casa di N. Popidius Priscus or Casa dei Marmi      VII.2.20

The Bakery of Popidius Priscus

or the Pistrinum of Vicolo Storto                          VII.2.22

Casa dell’ Amore punito or House of Vettius          VII.2.23

Casa delle Quadrighe or Casa della Caccia Nuova  VII.2.25

Caupona of Philippus                 VII.2.32              VII.2.33

Casa di Mercurio                                                VII.2.35

Domus Popidi Prisci, aka Casa degli Scienziati      VII.2.38

Shop of Magonius                                              VII.2.43

Taberna Hedones                                              VII.2.44

Casa dell’ Orso Ferito or House of the Bear          VII.2.45

House of D. Caprasius Primus, wine seller?          VII.2.48

House of Suettii, Potitus and Elainus                   VII.2.51