Pompeii Regio VII (7) Insula 1.

Plan of entrances 1 to 62.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 1 of Pompeii Regio VI to access the photographs. 

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Pompeii VII.1.1              Pompeii VII.1.2              Pompeii VII.1.3              Pompeii VII.1.4

Pompeii VII.1.5              Pompeii VII.1.6              Pompeii VII.1.7              Pompeii VII.1.8

Pompeii VII.1.9              Pompeii VII.1.10            Pompeii VII.1.11            Pompeii VII.1.12

Pompeii VII.1.13            Pompeii VII.1.14            Pompeii VII.1.15            Pompeii VII.1.16

Pompeii VII.1.17            Pompeii VII.1.18            Pompeii VII.1.19            Pompeii VII.1.20

Pompeii VII.1.21            Pompeii VII.1.22            Pompeii VII.1.23            Pompeii VII.1.24

Pompeii VII.1.25            Pompeii VII.1.26            Pompeii VII.1.27            Pompeii VII.1.28

Pompeii VII.1.29            Pompeii VII.1.30            Pompeii VII.1.31            Pompeii VII.1.32

Pompeii VII.1.33            Pompeii VII.1.34            Pompeii VII.1.35            Pompeii VII.1.36

Pompeii VII.1.37            Pompeii VII.1.38            Pompeii VII.1.39            Pompeii VII.1.40

Pompeii VII.1.41            Pompeii VII.1.42            Pompeii VII.1.43            Pompeii VII.1.44

Pompeii VII.1.45            Pompeii VII.1.46            Pompeii VII.1.47            Pompeii VII.1.48

Pompeii VII.1.49            Pompeii VII.1.50            Pompeii VII.1.51            Pompeii VII.1.52

Pompeii VII.1.53            Pompeii VII.1.54            Pompeii VII.1.55            Pompeii VII.1.56

Pompeii VII.1.57            Pompeii VII.1.58            Pompeii VII.1.59            Pompeii VII.1.60

Pompeii VII.1.61            Pompeii VII.1.62


Terme Stabiane or Stabian Baths   VII.1.8        VII.1.14        VII.1.15        VII.1.16       

                                                   VII.1.17       VII.1.48        VII.1.50        VII.1.51

Shop of Proculus                          VII.1.2

Shop of M. Am(p)ullius Cosmus     VII.1.7

Shop of Sestius Proculus               VII.1.9

Shop of Sabinus?                         VII.1.11

Domus Vedi Sirici or House of Siricus

or House of Vedius Siricus and Vedius Nummianus

                                                   VII.1.47      VII.1.25      VII.1.46

Shop of Ceratus?                          VII.1.26

Caupona of Clodius Nymphodotus? VII.1.32

Modestus Bakery                          VII.1.36

Domus M. Caesi Blandi

   or Casa di Marte e Venere

   or House of Mars and Venus       VII.1.40       VII.1.43

Taberna M. Noni Campani             VII.1.41

Taberna sutrina                           VII.1.42

Hospitium Sittii                            VII.1.44         VII.1.45 and 45a