Pompeii Regio VI (6) Insula 9.

Plan of entrances 1 to 14.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 9 of Pompeii Regio VI to access the photographs. 

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Pompeii VI.9.1              Pompeii VI.9.2              Pompeii VI.9.3              Pompeii VI.9.4

Pompeii VI.9.5              Pompeii VI.9.6              Pompeii VI.9.7              Pompeii VI.9.8

Pompeii VI.9.9              Pompeii VI.9.10            Pompeii VI.9.11            Pompeii VI.9.12

Pompeii VI.9.13            Pompeii VI.9.14


Casa del Duca di Aumale     - Casa del Duca di Aumale or Casa d’Iside ed Io

                                                or Hospitium Gabinianus or of Gabinius

                                                Entrance at VI.9.1      Entrance at VI.9.14

Casa del Meleagro              - Casa del Meleagro or House of Meleager

Casa del Centauro              - Casa del Centauro or Casa di A. Vettius Caprasius Felix

                                               Entrance at VI.9.3     

                                               Entrance at VI.9.10 to underground wine cellar and kitchen

Casa dei Dioscuri                - Casa dei Dioscuri or House of Castor & Pollux

                                               or House of M. Nigidius Vaccula

                                               or House of N. Nasennius Nigidius Vaccula

Domus Cn. Caetroni Eutychi - Domus Cn. Caetroni Eutychi