Pompeii Regio II (2) Insula 4.

Praedia of Julia Felix or Complesso di Giulia Felice.

Plan of entrances 1 to 12 including 7a.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 1 of Pompeii Regio II to access the photographs. 

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The House of Julia Felix or Casa di Giulia Felice or Villa di Giulia Felice has several entrances and our pictures are split between these entrances.

They can be found on the page for the nearest entrance using the links below.


II.4.1    Shop             

II.4.2    Steps to upper floor             

II.4.3    House of Julia Felix entrance on Via dell'Abbondanza with atrium

                       and the Forum Frieze             

II.4.4    Praefurnium or furnace, with ramp

II.4.5    Shop             

II.4.6    House of Julia Felix entrance with baths portico, Apodyterium, Tepidarium, Laconicum,

                     Caldarium, Frigidarium, pool, summer triclinium with cascade fountain             

II.4.7    Thermopolium with counter, stone seats, stone tables and oven             

II.4.7a  Street Altar on Via dell'Abbondanza

II.4.8    Garden or stable entrance on Vicolo dell'Anfiteatro            

II.4.9    Garden entrance on Via di Castricio             

II.4.10  House of Julia Felix rear entrance, with triclinium, tablinum with frescoes,

                    cubiculum, kitchen and latrine           

II.4.11  Rear entrance  on Vicolo di Giulia Felice

II.4.12  Side entrance on Vicolo di Giulia Felice