Pompeii Regio I (1) Insula 7.

Plan of entrances 1 to 20.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 7 of Pompeii Regio I to access the photographs. 

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I.7.1     I.7.2      I.7.3     I.7.4

I.7.5     I.7.6      I.7.7    I.7.8

I.7.9     I.7.10    I.7.11   I.7.12

I.7.13    I.7.14   I.7.15   I.7.16

I.7.17   I.7.18    I.7.19   I.7.20


I.7.1  I.7.20 Casa di Paquius Proculus

 or House of Cuspius Pansa     

I.7.3 Casa di Fabio Amandio

 or House of Fabius Amandus     

I.7.4 Taberna or Officina vasaria

of Corinthus     

I.7.5 House of Philippus or workshop     

I.7.7 Casa del Sacerdos Amandus

 or House of the Priest Amandus

 or Casa dell’affresco di Spartaco     

I.7.11 I.7.12 I.7.10 Casa dell’ Efebo

 or Domus P. Cornelius Tages

 or House of the Ephebus     

I.7.19 Unnamed house