Pompeii Necropoli di Porta Vesuvio. Porta del Vesuvio of Vesuvian Gate Tombs.

Plan of the tombs.

Use this plan of of tombs at the Pompeii Porta Vesuvio or Vesuvian Gate to access the pompeiiinpictures photographs.

Click on any tomb on the plan or a link below to see the pictures.

Plan courtesy of John Dobbins and Pedar Foss, 2008, World of Pompeii, Routledge, Oxford.

Vesuvian Gate  vgi      - M. Veio Marcello or M. Veius Marcellus

Vesuvian Gate  vgj      - C. Vestorio Prisco or C. Vestorius Priscus

Vesuvian Gate  vgk     - Arellia Tertulla daughter of Numerius and wife of Veius Fronto.

Vesuvian Gate  vgl      - Septumia

Vesuvian Gate  vgsc    - Cippus of Titus Suedius Clemens