Pompeii Necropoli di Fondo Pacifico. Tombs at Fondo Pacifico.

Plan of the tombs.

Use this plan of the tombs at the Pompeii Fondo Pacifico to access the pompeiiinpictures photographs.

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The eastern area of tombs FP1 to FP6 was excavated in 1886-7 and is now buried.

Plan courtesy of John Dobbins and Pedar Foss, 2008, World of Pompeii, Routledge, Oxford.


North side.

Area A north: Fondo Pacifico FPNA 

Area B north: Fondo Pacifico FPNB

Area C north: Fondo Pacifico FPNC 

Area D north: Fondo Pacifico FPND    Caecilia L. L. Agathia and L. Caecilio L. L. Dioscuridi.

Area E north: Fondo Pacifico FPNE     Novia C. L. Amoena, L. Iacellio Virillioni, C. Novius. L. Lupercus,

                                                                         Cn. Turranius Primus, and Cornelia Quieta.

Area F north: Fondo Pacifico FPNF      C. Veranio Q. F. Rufo II Vir, Verania Q. L. Clara and Q. Veranius Q. F. Rufus AED.

Area G north: Fondo Pacifico FPNG

Area H north: Fondo Pacifico FPNH     Blaesiae C. L. Nicae Malchio L., Blaesiae G. L. Quartae and M. Blaesius G. L. Malchio.

Area I north:  Fondo Pacifico FPNI      Tomb of M. Lollius M. L. Nicia, Lollia M. L. Hermiona,

                                                                        M. Lollius M. L. Lucrio, and M. Lollius M. L. Felix.


South side

Area A south: Fondo Pacifico FPSA     L. Nonius Celer, A. Statius Moschus, Hygia.

Area B south: Fondo Pacifico FPSB     L. Calventio Staphylo, L. Calventius Cytherus, Numisio Aucto,

                                                                         Calventia Cloe, Calventia Primilla, L. Calventius Amplius, Mercurialis.

Area C south: Fondo Pacifico FPSC 

Area D south: Fondo Pacifico FPSD     C. Auficius Clemens, and Secundus.

Area E south: Fondo Pacifico FPSE      E. M., and Valentinus.

Area F south: Fondo Pacifico FPSF      Asia or A.S.I.A.

Area G south: Fondo Pacifico FPSG     Calidia Aucta, Callidia Soteris, M. Decidius M. F. Macer, and P. Cluvius Atticus.

Area H south: Fondo Pacifico FPSH 


Plaques found in the centre of the street between FPNH and FPSGa

                   Fondo Pacifico FPStreet  Titus Vibius Philodespotus T. L., Popidia Augeni G. L., and Titus Vibius Primus.

                                                              Popidia Venusta and Popidius Cotidianus


Eastern tombs that are now buried

                    Fondo Pacifico FP1        Alfiae N. L. Servillae?

                    Fondo Pacifico FP2       Apuleius, Veia, Festa and Conviva.

                    Fondo Pacifico FP3    

                    Fondo Pacifico FP4       Caesius, Titia, Lucius Caesius Logus, Titia Vesbina and Titia Optata.

                    Fondo Pacifico FP5       Publius Mancius Diogenes.

                    Fondo Pacifico FP6